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Mint n’ Oranges is a creative venture where we house all things beautiful.
Our Tagline “Keep it Simple” says it all!

In a world full of bling, we believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
It is our attempt to bring creative, beautiful handmade fabrics which breathe
and tell a tale of bygone times.

We bring to you the Royal fabrics of India, which are painstakingly made by hand.
We aim to keep the traditions alive by reinventing masterpieces from the talented
weavers of India.
We use vibrant, lively and ethereal combinations; reflecting the various colors, hues
and moods of our Incredible India!

Let’s dream a dream.. Let’s weave magic together!

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Call / Whatsapp : +919810286855
email : customercare@mintnoranges.com

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